Our expert real estate valuation desk provides informed, market-facing, independent advice on all property types (with expertise in income-producing assets, i.e. hotels, tourist resorts, airports, golf courses, marinas, etc) and a whole range of property interests, from one-off valuations to portfolio valuations. We deliver Market Value and Fair Value opinions for all real estate classes, suitable for regulatory and transactional applications.

What sets Delfi Properties (DPRE) apart is the independence and attention to detail of our analysis and advice. We are able to draw on the resources of our international associates, with localised knowledge across Cyprus and Greece, employing consistent European Valuation Standards (EVS) and processes. Thus, we are in the position to value large residential and commercial portfolios quickly anywhere in Cyprus, Greece and mainland Europe.

Through a fine-tuned methodology and in-depth local market experience, our qualified team of real estate experts can provide expert reviews and audits of valuations, as well as detailed asset due diligences.

Lenders entrust in our services for a thorough appraisal of a property prior to any lending. Our services cover a wide array of assets, from residential, commercial to special use assets.

Our valuation desk can perform bulk valuations for asset portfolios of a variety of property types, including industrial, offices, retail, healthcare, hotels & leisure etc.

Drawing from our wide expertise in the region, we can advise on the suitable capitalization rate depending on property region and type.

Through a thorough analysis of each region and sub-region, we possess the necessary know-how to perform highest & best use analysis for each property type.

Our methodology ensures that our reports are substantiated and full proof for the purposes of litigation or dispute resolution. We can provide consultation and technical reports for every type of fixed asset and support our valuations through expert witness testimonies.

We have a considerable track record of performing valuations for a wide variety of requirements. We can provide reliable and substantiated reports for all types of purposes including:

  • Tax reporting and IFRS,
  • Site inspections & valuations for insurance purposes,
  • Valuations for sale & leaseback purposes,
  • Lease vs purchase analyses,
  • Net lease valuations