About Us

About Delfi Properties

Linking people and property, effortlessly. We help clients find and secure the best properties for sale and rent as easy and efficiently as possible.

Delfi Properties has been set up by Delfi Real Estate with a specific mandate to become the largest real estate sales platform in the region. Delfi Properties (Delfi RE) is a specialised commercial real estate services provider with offices in Greece (Athens), Cyprus (Nicosia) and the UK (London).

Whether you need to sell, value, lease, finance, and/or manage property in your market, Delfi Properties is your local point of entry into a world of cohesive, creative solutions in all real estate sectors. In response to changing client expectations, we assemble experts who deliver services built on market insight and foresight, sound research and relevant market knowledge.

We attract, cultivate and reward the best, and most diverse, people in our sector, challenging them to develop enduring client relationships built on service quality, collaboration and trust. We go beyond in-depth real estate analysis to argue each case based on a depth of creative and structured thinking, a naturally innovative approach and a deep and wide contextual understanding of this complex sector.