Real Estate Research
Real Estate Research

Our real estate research desk is comprised of seasoned real estate analysts who are constantly monitoring the local real estate market to identify changes in trends, new developments, demand and supply dynamics for each region and so on.

The dedicated commercial and residential teams produce ad-hoc reports, custom indices and are in a position to provide valuable, fresh insights to investors, property developers and owners and public sector organisations in the region.

Our team is constantly analyzing market trends and developments for every region and sub-region and can produce bespoke indices to guide new developments, market ventures, investments and market analysis.

We investigate a wide variety of commercial sector trends, including industrial, offices, retail, healthcare, hotels & leisure to bring up-to date valuable insights for each sector and region. We can support investment appraisals and new ventures, refurbishments and highest and best use analysis through a substantiated body of scientifically performed research. 

Our experience in specific property types enables us to produce custom reports into special use assets for the public sector, financial institutions, NGOs and private organisations.

Our Real Estate Econometrics practice, with its state-of-the art forecasts of market performance and risk analysis, offers valuable strategic insights into real estate development and investment decisions, as well as on-going asset and property portfolio management decisions.