Cadastral & Topographic
Cadastral & Topographic

Delfi Properties offers high precision survey services. After processing the field data, NAI experts prepare cadastral and/ or topographic maps using modern geodetic equipment. Based on these surveys, the customer can specify land parcel boundaries/ area and officially register ownership rights to land or any other real property at the Land Registry in Cyprus.

  • Level surveys
  • Road surveys
  • Buildings surveys and stake outs
  • Volumetric surveys
  • Hydrological surveys
  • Official separation of fields, plots and/or buildings into smaller parcels and title deeds
  • Official separation of apartments into different title deeds
  • Official parcel consolidation
  • Official readjustment of parcel boundaries
  • Orthophoto maps
  • 3D realistic models
  • Disaster inspections
  • Aerial inspections
  • Aerial videos / photography